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Archipelago Atascadero Discovered By Kepler Space Telescope November 3, 2015

Posted by Tom Wells in News, Tom's Posts.

From an article in USA Today:

Strange light emitting from a distant star has astronomers and people in the scientific community scratching their heads.

Is a megastructure created by an alien civilization diverting the light to create energy? Or is it just leftover particles from an asteroid belt? Maybe, a technical glitch?

The only sure thing about the star, called KIC 8462852, seems to be uncertainty.

Spotted by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope in 2009, the strange light pattern emitted from the star has puzzled many over the years, The Atlantic reported.”

Another explanation I am choosing to believe is that NASA has discovered the Archipelago Atascadero from my stories, Spacewalk and Son of a Sun. The archipelago from my stories is the holy grail of habitable systems with a grouping of thirty nine small planets that orbit together at the same distance from their common sun on opposing planes like multiple electrons orbiting an atom’s nucleolus.


I’ve always thought this kind of solar system is a fun new idea that I haven’t seen before in science fiction. Apparently, there is at least some possibility it is more than just an idea.


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