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I am stepping a toe into the waters of a new way to hopefully broaden the readers of my stories in science fiction.  To date, only friends and family have read and given me feedback on my creative writing works, and now I’d like to see if others would be interested in the stories I have to tell.

I have also dabbled in a quest for broader publication.  To date, I have had one story acceptance to a publication (which sadly went out of print before my story was published).  I have also had an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future quarterly contest and hope for more success there with two current pending entries.

My goal is to be more aggressive at marketing my short stories to the highly competitive speculation fiction markets. I also plan to start posting some short stories and opening chapters to novels I have written here.  If there is interest from my readership, I will consider selling the full novels on e-book market sites such as Amazon.com. 

I also hope to make my site a portal into the expanded universes of my stories.  There are details, landscapes, worlds, and histories that exist beyond the focused words of my stories that would distract from the story focus, but might be of interest to readers who become curious about learning more after reading them.  In this new media, there is no reason words, phrases and possibly illustrations in my stories shouldn’t come with links to an expanded knowledge base for fun, much like the bonus features that are available on DVD movie discs these days. 

So please return often to watch me build this new venture.


Tom Wells


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