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About The Author

Hello, my name is Tom Wells and this is my author’s portal.

Currently, my day job is as a licensed architect.  I design schools, office buildings, maintenance stations and any number of buildings. 

I do have a second occupation.  I write.  I write in the evenings.  I write on the weekends. I write during lunch breaks.  I write whenever I am sitting in airport terminals or when I ride planes, trains and buses.  My first novel length manuscript was first drafted at the turn of the century when my daughter was born and I had a one hour commute each way in and out daily.  I’ve been writing off and on since the 8th grade, but it was my introduction to the word processor in community college that broadened the scope of what I write. While I have worked for years to become the architect I am today, I have also wanted to write. 

I get my chance to do plenty of technical writing in my day job.  It would amaze most people to learn how  planning and executing a building project is more about words than it is about drawing some lines on paper.  I have a yearning to tell stories as well.  Most of what I have written and what you will see here is science fiction, my first love in literature. There are other story ideas in other genres that may one day see print.  For now though, I have invented a universe in our future that is waiting to be shared.

As you can imagine, being a full-time architect, father and husband leaves little time to write (which can be a full-time occupation itself).  It is hard to do what it takes to become a regularly published author.  Stories need to be marketed to publishers, which requires a routine of submissions, rejections, and more submissions.  This has been my largest hurdle to overcome and I have resolved to meet the challenge.

So here it is.  This new website has been created as part of my increased effort to attract a broader audience.  Welcome and I hope you enjoy what you find here as much as I have enjoyed creating these works.


1. Carol Wells - July 15, 2011

I am glad to see that you are still using your imagination. Don’t ever give up, imagination has gotten you where you are today in your career and will hopefully help you acheive the status of a published author. Remember I will always be there to encourage you along the way. Love , Carol Wells your biggest fan.

2. Mark Jameson - December 25, 2012

Tom, was playing with my Kindle while hanging out with the kids on Christmas day and stumbled across “Mother.” I could not put it down. Best story I’ve read in years. I’m a “second job” author in similar circumstances to yours (published my first book last year but can’t find the time/luck to get the PR required to launch it higher). The ideas behind Mother were interesting, original, and believable and I thought your style was clean and easier to follow than a lot of sci-fi. Wish you the best of luck and look forward to a full length novel.

Mark Jameson (“The Silent Hunt”)

Tom Wells - December 26, 2012

Thanks very much Mark. I’ll look for The Silent Hunt and give it a read.

3. Bill Burns - March 5, 2013

Tom, looking forward to the Mother novel. Very original conceptualization, best this old guy has seen in some time.

Tom Wells - March 5, 2013

Thanks Bill. The Preservation OF Humanity available on Smashwords.com takes the story of Mother much further. The book shows what that self installing program does to all of planet Earth.

4. Alan B. - August 20, 2014

Mothrer and Preserving Humanity were such fun reads, I’ll be keping a keen eye out for NAS842! Keep up the good work, Tom!

Tom Wells - August 22, 2014

Thanks Alan. Work on NAS842 continues while I also keep turning out short stories.

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