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Encyclopedia of the Future

The Encyclopedia of the Future

Introduction Into The Encyclopedia of the Future (link)

Future Technology Advanced Reference Guide

The stories from the Encyclopedia of the Future have many references to technology not available on Earth today.  The stories themselves will explain these technologies briefly as necessary to advance the story, but the story’s pace and interest will seldom allow a longer explanation of the future technology referenced.  This is the place where the technology can be listed and explained in further detail.

History of the Future Timeline (future Link)


Saturn Station

Index of Events:

The Extinction

Twelve Actions of Indoctrination

Index of Technologies:

Public Networks

Faster Than the Speed Of Light

Signal Accelerating Buoys

The Pulse Launch System

Gravity Plating

Plasma Drive


1. The Twelve Actions of Indoctrination Introduced | wellswriting - May 21, 2013

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