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Most concurrent submission for my works July 5, 2011

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July 5th:

I have put out the most concurrent story submissions of my writing career.  As of today I have:

  1. Mother: A story about a deep space NASA probe which has gained artificial intelligence; is still in the hunt for recognition in the Writers of the Future contest.  (Update, this story was a Silver Honorable Mention Winner)(Now submitted to Darwin’s Evolution) Still Pending
  2. Firstfather: When humans have achieved immortality, will they still behave like humans? This story was sent to the Temporarily closed Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine, I have now submitted it to Asimov’s in the hope that the latter will accept the story for the personal tale that just happens to have a Sci-Fi setting. Form Rejection for Asimov’s.  Sent to Daily Science Fiction for consideration.
  3. Twilight on Planet Z is my second submission to the Daily Science Fiction website.  It is another Flash story and I believe this one is stronger than my first submission to this market. Form Rejection.  Started a longer version of this story.
  4. Marooned: I wrote this short story before finishing my novel length manuscript called, The Frontier Express.  The novel is really a prequel to this short story, but of course, you don’t need to have read the novel to get the point of my short.  Marooned has been submitted to the Science Fiction Anthology. The Science Fiction Anthology I submitted this to closed to submission as pre-planned on July 31st.  No reply yet but I am assuming they are now going through the submissions they received before their deadline to decide which ones will make their E-Market publication.

I have more stories than this to submit as I research the markets I think the stories will have the warmest reception.  I’m hoping that I get some of the feedback I wrote about below, even if I don’t have acceptances with these submissions .

2nd Quarter Entry Still Alive June 19, 2011

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**Update – #3**

This story has been recognized as a Silver Honorable Mention! One step up from my previous entry.

**Update – #2**

As of the first of July, my story is still in contention for the 2nd Quarter! I have confirmation that my story is still in consideration and that it has not been rejected. The Honorable Mention notice reports from the contest have apparently been sent. It is possible that my story has made it to a higher level than my last entry. I can only wait and hope as we go into a long holiday weekend that next week will bring big news.

Original Post

My entry into the second quarter of the Writers of the Future ongoing contest has survived the first round of rejections.  It remains to be seen if the story, Mother, set in the not so far future where a NASA space probe gains artificial intelligence, can hold on to reach the Honorable Mention round and beyond.  With over 1,000 submissions per quarter, the competition is strong.


As of 6-22-2011, more rejections are being reported.  I continue to have a dread/hopeful relationship with my e-mail in-box.  Hopefully reports will come soon that Honorable Mention notification e-mails have started going out (marking the end of the rejection phase).  Honorable Mention indicates that a story was of the top 10% of that quarter’s submissions.  My Fourth Quarter entry to this contest in 2010 achieved this recognition.   So the waiting continues,,,

New Flash Fiction Submitted June 19, 2011

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Update: This submission was not accepted.

I have submitted a flash fiction story (a story with less than 1000 words) to the Daily Science Fiction Website.   It was a challenge to write a story with a plot and character development in so few words.  These elements exist subtly so it will remain to be seen if the story captures the website’s interest.