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Meet The Neighbors August 23, 2011

Posted by Tom Wells in Introductions.

Statistically, the likelihood that there are other intelligent races beyond our own on Earth is a near certainty. So you gotta wonder; where are the aliens?  It’s my guess that they are out there somewhere and that they either don’t know about us here on Earth, or we are too remote and/or technologically insignificant to bother.  There were pockets of humanity who went uncovered right up until a century ago.  There are some places like Papua New Guinea where the native population still practiced ritual cannibalism until modern times.

We humans could be the forgotten tribe of intelligentspecies in our corner of the galaxy.  There might even be alien anthropologists studying us in our native setting on Earth.  Given our proclivity towards war with each other, I imagine that if there were one or more alien races who are aware of our existence, they probably put no more thought to us than our modern society has put towards the isolated tribes in New Guinea.

When will we finally meet our neighbors? The hill people of New Guinea no longer practice cannibalism for the same reasons the native people of the Andes no longer practice ritual sacrifices of children. Modern civilization finally expanded to their corner of the world. As vast as the galaxy is, it is unlikely that any more advanced civilization will need to expand so far as to overrun our own, but it stands to reason that someday, humans will venture out beyond our solar system and that will certainly be when we discover we are not alone.

This is the foundation for the universe in my stories.  What will happen when the people of Earth finally step off of our porch and into the galactic neighborhood? Keep reading the stories from a collection I call the Encyclopedia Of The Future and you will find out.


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