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Aim High October 23, 2011

Posted by Tom Wells in News, Submissions, Tom's Posts.

Quick update: I have been working on two project deadlines that have kept me from writing. My last writing push was Friday, September 30th when I took a day off from work to polish up my 4th quarter entry for the Writer’s of the Future contest. Since that story has gone out, I’ve had to work weekends at my day job trying to get things ready for end of the year submittals to the Division of the State Architect (the CA building review agency for school projects). I have managed to outline some new stories and have a promising flash story in the works.

I have also submitted my 3rd quarter Honorable Mention entry to Asimov’s.  I did tweak the ending a little more to go from the open-ended one used in the contest to a more summed up ending that I think works better.  I know Asimov’s is a notoriously picky editor, but I think this story is their kind of story so I may have a shot. Anyway aim high.


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