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Fly Me To The Moon 03 January 12, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in Tom's Posts.

The same isolation I’ve described for getting to Eureka keeps this town feeling like a lunar base in a way.  I met with an inspection official today to talk about a project that would trigger an abundance of code upgrades in a larger city like Sacramento or San Francisco. But this is a small town a long way removed from bigger city anxieties. This official apparently hadn’t been hounded for years to “make an exception” or “cut some slack” or a million other requests from a million other contractors.  She understood that the picky code things were there before this project and they’d be there if the project didn’t happen so we focused on what needed to be done to keep things safe and that was it.  This was a refreshingly other world approach to making things happen without asking for the stars.

On another note, I returned a coworker to the airport this evening.  I am staying but he was flying back.  We left a clear and warm Eureka downtown and motored 10 miles up the coast to the airport and a mile out or so we hit the dreaded fog.  I dropped him off with low hopes for his chances to get out.  I drove to my hotel near the airport and the fog was too thick to see the hotel until I was right up on it. Half an hour later he called and said the flight might by cancelled and asked if I could come get him if it did.  Fifteen minutes later, he called back and said the connecting flight was able to land here.  I went out for dinner and sure enough the pea soup fog was gone.  Go figure.


I snapped a photo as we were landing Wednesday morning. This is a view of the fickle way the fog washes ashore in some areas while leaving others clear.



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