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Fly Me To The Moon – Prepping for Re-entry January 13, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in Tom's Posts.

It’s early.  Before the sun rises early.  I was up only an hour and a half after the bars closed.  Why? Because my choices for a direct flight back to Sacramento are to leave at 5:17 am or wait until 630 pm and it has been two full days since I saw my wife and kids so I picked the 13 hours earlier option.

My time on the moon has been good.  I grew up in a very similar small coastal community 300 miles to the south of here, so this place reminds me of my home town in many ways.  The biggest difference between here and there is that my home town was connected to San Francisco and Los Angeles with 4 lane freeways.  So the isolation isn’t what it is here, but then I found out this morning that as remote as this place feels, even here I could discover  surprise connections.

My wife’s best friend from high school went to Spain after college and married there and raised her children abroad.  We had assumed she was still there, but as you can see from the comments from my first post, she’s not only back in the States, but living here in the town I have been pining on over its remoteness.  Go figure.  Even though I have been feeling far removed from home, this phenomenon we call the “world-wide web” has reminded me that I would need to take a literal trip to the Moon to escape our connections here on Earth.

So now I wait for my chance to board the plane and return to my poor wife who has had to deal with a dry well water system at home, the grind of daily work, and the engine of her car seizing up on her return home from work last night. I will return to mend pipes and help decide how dead is dead for our 224,000 mile engine. I’ll be returning to the trappings of home life, and loving every moment of it.


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