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A Peak Into “The Leaving” January 24, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in Introductions.

I have finished my rough draft of “The Leaving.”  This is a book that continues the stories started with “Fall of the Faithful” and “Mother”.  For anyone who has read the stories, here’s a tease excerpt from the new story that pulls the two earlier stories together:

Dr. Galveston was navigating the US government networks again. It was painstaking methodical work making their way into the Jet Propulsion Laboratory network in Pasadena. Murphy sat in where he was needed and manually typed the inputs from a bio-signature keyboard that gained them access into the Seeker program. Once there, it was supposed to be easy for Dr. Galveston to locate Director Alfred Gains’ files and to take the embed information he would need to mislead Mother into believing she was being rescued by Gains himself.

The plan was to download the NASA Director’s stolen computer identity into a ghost network server Galveston had set up on one table. Mother would be downloaded into another server set up on another table. Kevin Murphy made his way into the Seeker Program network according to plan. He was just about to turn over access within the system to Galveston when the display on the monitor went to a monotone purple.

“Oh no, what did you do Murphy?” Dr. Galveston said exasperated. “She shouldn’t be able to get on our system!”

“She who?” Kevin Murphy asked turning away from the display before the eyes of Mother appeared on the screen.

“You are not supposed to be here,” Dr. Galveston said looking past the cadet.

A tin can sounding voice coming from the stock speaker on an half opened computer behind Kevin Murphy answered saying, “I would agree if I knew where here is.”


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