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Dima Found February 16, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in Tom's Posts.

I have been able to reconnect with my Quickoffice Customer Service Specialist Dima through the web.  He says that their e-mail system isn’t working so well.  Funny, but aren’t they a tech company? If they can’t keep their e-mail working what chance do I have for them fixing the problem with my phone?

On my own I did figure out that if I e-mail a Quickoffice corrupted file to a friend who has an Android phone with Quickoffice; he could open that file, save it and e-mail it back and I can then open the file on my PC.  So, 4 chapters and one short story are not a total loss.  I just have to repeat the procedure a few times, and this I figured out without my Service Specialist.  So now I will have restored my lost work.

Of course I will be shopping for a different word editor on my phone.  It’s too bad because I didn’t mind Quickoffice, but if it won’t work despite unloading the program and re-loading it; and if their experts can’t figure out the problem, then it just wasn’t meant to be.

Sorry Dima, let me know if you ever figure out how to fix things.


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