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Restored February 20, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in Introductions.

Two weeks ago I started using a new writing program called Scrivener. I was importing my word documents for a novel that is in its final-first draft stages when I discovered the troubles with Quickoffice and my phone that I have written about here recently. Since then I have been struggling to bring my files back while dealing with some very long hours spent on project deadlines for my day job. My deadlines still have me working less on writing and more on blueprints* . But the good news is that after a painful reset of my Android phone, I have restored the files and restored myself to the task of writing. Though as a side note, Quickoffice continues to corrupt files if I use it on my phone, so I have switched to using Office Suite for Android. I actually like the interface better than Quickoffice so I hope that continues to work. I’ll be a little more cautious overwriting PC files before finding out if the Android edited versions work.

*Blueprints only exist in a virtual sense these days. For those who don’t know it yet, real honest-to-goodness blue prints have gone the way of rotary dial phones. Large format building plans are spit out on giant laser printers nowadays.


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