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The Wait For Results March 7, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in Submissions, Tom's Posts.

There is a trickle of results coming in on the Quarter One entries for the Writers of the Future.  For now, the only news reported is not so good news.  Many entrants are trying to read their personal results into the fact that they have or have not received news if they placed or not. 

The logical side of me asks, “Is the news either good or bad just because you haven’t read it?”  I believe it is either good or bad the moment you hit the “SUBMIT” button.  That is the point where you’re personal control over the outcome has ended.  From there, otherworldly forces will determine if the news of your results will come in the form of a polite e-mail or a phone call.  After you SUBMIT, you can no longer have an inspiration that will lift your story to the top of the others or doom your story with an ill advised edit.  From SUBMIT foreword, your news will come in whatever form it was going to come no matter what you do in the mean time.

I take “no news is no news” as equivalent to a tree falling in the woods and making a sound, no matter if someone was there to hear it or not.  You don’t know and likely can’t know if your personal news will be good or bad by the same degree from the moment you hit SUBMIT, until the moment you get your news.  So trying to glean your success from the length of time, or the number of other responses will not change your results, so until you do get your news, there is no news.

Of course the emotional side of me says that the dreams and fears will continue as long as the news has not arrived, despite how hard I try to keep a logical focus.  But isn’t that what helps separate me from the box I’m using to type this with?


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