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Last look at the Space Shuttle Endeavour September 21, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in News, Tom's Posts.

Today was probably the last time I will see the Space Shuttle in the air. Below is the Shuttle Endeavour as it flew past my cubicle window on its way to its permanent home in Los Angeles:

Space Shuttle Endeavor Over Sacramento CA

The shuttle created quite a commotion as it flew over Sacramento. It was a throwback to the days of old when our space program generated excitement. When you look at the full resolution version of the picture above you see people on the rooftop of the glass California Teachers Retirement building and on top of the adjacent parking garage.  All over the city people crowded on the roof tops in the same way so they could see the low fly over of this piece of space history.

The excitement this generated in sleepy Sacramento had me wondering what else NASA could do to generate excitement in the space program. Can they find a way to brighten the International Space Station to track as it crosses over in the night sky? Maybe they should be conducting parachute drops of the Orion crew capsule closer to where the people are:

 Wouldn’t this be fun to go see the Orion “tested” in an open field somewhere near your own town.  There wouldn’t be much science involved, but the Shuttle didn’t need to fly up to Sacramento and San Francisco from Edwards Air Force Base “on its way” to LA International.  The excitement and interest generated would be worth it though.


1. State Worker - October 8, 2012

Awesome! I work at CalSTRS and love this photo from DGS, of our building getting “buzzed” by the shuttle!!

Tom Wells - October 8, 2012

I had expected the pair to fly further east more over the Sacramento downtown. Luckily I had a camera ready because it went over quickly and was gone. The cafeteria you have in the CalSTRS building is hands down better than the one in our Zig.

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