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Story In For The Fourth Quarter. September 30, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in News, Submissions, Tom's Posts.

Well, I did it.  I was able to submit a story to the Writers of the Future Contest.  It is my first entry in six months and a relief to have made it. At work, I have completed my deadlines and I continue to move through the maze of bureaucracy that comes with my management’s desire to promote me. I have taken a promotional exam and have been ranked one, which is just a first step to completing my promotion. Next will come interviews with all of the Rank One applicants. In the mean time, I am finding more time to write as is evidenced by my ability to enter this quarter. I have a book that needs final editing. That will be my next focus along with finding out which of my recently started short story ideas rises to the top for submission in the next contest quarter. It will be interesting to find out which one takes shape first.  That is part of the fun of writing fiction for me. There are adventures that have been molded in my head for years, and there are adventures that just unfold as they are typed, almost as if they are stories I am reading that were written by others.


1. Martin L. Shoemaker - September 30, 2012

Glad you got the story in, Tom! Good luck!

Tom Wells - October 1, 2012

Thanks Martin.

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