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One Small Step For Architect November 2, 2012

Posted by Tom Wells in News.

Today I’ve taken one small step in my architecture career and one giant leap in the State bureaucracy. Three months ago I was asked to become a Supervising Architect (see, The Plan Is There Is No Plan).  Since then there have been two exams taken, paper trails laid down, interviews, and yet more paper filed on my behalf.  In the end, I can now remove the caveat, “Acting” from my title and consider myself a Supervising Architect in charge of a small unit of 8 professionals, 5 of whom are fellow licensed architects. We design buildings for schools, the DMV, our Highway Patrol, our Department of Transportation and more.

New Pre-School Building In Southern California

I get to write more now than I did before the promotion, unfortunately, most of that writing is in memo form. And the meetings I have to go to, oh my gosh some of this stuff has to stop so people can get their work done.  However I am also not bringing home drafting work for the nights and weekends so my creative writing is also picking back up.  I’d like to talk about the stories I’ve been typing up, but I can’t enter them into the some contests if I have given away a clue of who wrote them publicly.  My next step is to start marketing other short stories again.


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