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Workshop Day Two March 2, 2013

Posted by Tom Wells in Introductions.

I could have stayed home with my wonderful family this week satisfied my writing.

I chose to burn up my frequent flyer miles and contend with the pains of traveling alone to come here and re-learn that I should never be satisfied with my writing.  I have met some talented folks aside from learning from a very giving best-selling author.  It hasn’t been easy.  There is the challenge to learn more about the craft.  There is the challenge of becoming more than an anonymous presence on the web.  There is the challenge to write something that you know will be looked at and critiqued by someone who does this sort of thing for a very good living.

Challenge accepted.  I will walk away from this experience with a refreshed conviction to never be satisfied with my writing.  Not in a self-destruction way of dissatisfaction, but in a growth way of seeking unattainable perfection.   The Mormons of Utah are misunderstood for having a base conviction of becoming god-like.  It sounds maniacal to the outside world.  But humility is the cornerstone of this goal and no true Mormon believes they will ever become anything close to god-like; they just believe that striving for anything less is setting the bar too low.

I therefore will strive for perfection in my writing knowing I can never achieve it, and that is what I am satisfied knowing.


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