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Precious Time April 5, 2013

Posted by Tom Wells in Tom's Posts.
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My kids were out of school for spring break. I took time off from work and we spent the week doing family time. There were bike rides, movies, and at ages 9 & 13, our kids had never been to a mall. So we did all of these things, plus Netflix and pitching in together for yard work and all of the things that makes the start of spring a fun time of the year. Not having to face an alarm clock the next morning allowed my wife and I to stay up longer and spend our own time together that regular work weeks don’t afford. I did do a little writing, but it was much more of a family week.

What has made that week spent together feel more special is the disheartening news that seems to be everywhere right now. A coworker’s daughter died suddenly while attending UC Santa Barbara last month. My nephew who became a quadriplegic in a tragic accident a number of years ago was hospitalized for pneumonia and his outlook was grim for a while (thankfully the signs of recovery are encouraging now). I recently attended a workshop held by David Farland who now reports that his son is in a coma after a skiing accident. These are just the personal stories. Add the tragedies in Newtown and other news from the world and you have a constant reminder of what a precious gift our families are.

With the bad news seeming to pile on, I am so happy to have the chance to appreciate the wonderful time I had with my wife and kids last week. And my prayers go those who are facing the cruel challenges that no one should have to face.


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