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Sketch In Progress April 23, 2013

Posted by Tom Wells in Tom's Posts.

Intrepid_isometricMSS (Martian Space Ship) Intrepid
Year Built 2095:   5 years after Martian independence. (See Red Sands of Revolution) – There is a ship named the Intrepid in this novel, but that ship is not the one pictured here.  That Intrepid is however dear to the Martian revolutionaries. They named one of their first warships after the Rising Star cruise ship that brought their hero Carl Ronad home.
Year originally decommissioned: 2135
Loaned to the Program (See Preserving Humanity)  in 2166 – This ship shows up at the end of the book which explains why a space ship would be sleek and aerodynamic.

First Human crew to leave the Sol solar system in 2167 (upcoming NAS 842) – How far will it go?


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