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A Son’s Approval October 4, 2014

Posted by Tom Wells in Introductions.

Most people who wander onto my blog have come here though stories I have published on Amazon, Smashwords or even Barnes and Noble. The stories have been there for a couple years now. They are reasonably priced, matching the bare bones publishing budget expended on producing them. To date, these are just expressions of my imagination and I have had no illusions of making loads of money. Amazon has recently had a change in policy lately and they no longer want to carry any owed balance to authors for too long and so despite not having requested it, they have recently sent me a check for all of the earnings my stories have racked up over the years. A whopping $13 worth to be exact. An underwhelming amount compared to what my day job pays me, but every penny is gratefully accepted.

The interesting thing though was the reaction of my eleven year old son. He asked what the check from Amazon was for and when I told him, he was floored. “Way to go Dad! This writing thing is really working isn’t it?”

So if you wonder why I do this, it is because I have stories to tell even if few people are out there to read them. I write because no one should limit themselves to just one thing in life. At a very early age my son sees that I am a successful architect, and a writer. I hope he grows up with the same limitless view of what he can do.


1. everythingmommyloves - March 29, 2015

The best reason to do anything is to show your kids what is possible, and what they can go beyond! Kiddos, Tom! So glad to have found you here!

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