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Saturn Station

The Colony of Saturn Station was established in 2130 with the construction of the Obispo Module.  Saturn Station was built-in a classic Node Cluster style. Node Cluster stations were the second generation space stations with gravity after the classic Wheel space station designs reaching their limits for expansibility.  A Wheel station must have its full frame built at once and the infill must be built out in with a balance approach to keep the centripetal artificial gravity even on the station.

Node Cluster stations like Saturn Station were a leap forward in space station design, combining the modular expansibility of the early low Earth orbit stations with the centripetal artificial gravity achieved by spinning each tubular shaped module on its axis. The modules on Saturn Station each have their own unique character in the same way neighborhoods develop their own character in big planetside cities.  The original Obispo Module has the best view of Saturn and it is the tourist destination for the station. Naturally the Obispo Module has become something of an artists community where the residents can sell their unique forms of art to visitors from all corners of the Sol System.  The Obispo Module has three land strips along the tubular surface alternated with three sky panes.  Saturn and three-quarters of the planet’s rings are prominently visible in each sky pane as they rotate into view.

The Padres Module is the largest of the Saturn Station Modules.  It has four land strips and four sky panes.  The glazing of the Padres Module sky panes has the ability to warp their surface to form a magnified view of the distant star Sol. This magnifying effect turns a sun that looks more like a bright planet in space into a source of light that allows the Padres Module to have the most plant life on the station.  Two of the four land strips are mostly dedicated to growing 98% of all of the fruits and vegetables for the Station.  The other two land strips are inhabited by the wealthiest residents on the station, many of whom are amongst the wealthiest humans in the home system.

The Orcutt Module is the industrial base of the station. It has two massive land strips alternating with the thinnest sky panes of all the station modules.  It is also the module with the fewest full-time residents.

The Arroyo Module is the working class neighborhood on Saturn Station.  It has one main landmass and one large sky pane. Although the Arroyo Module is the smallest of the station modules, it has the highest number of residents.

The Central Node of Saturn Station is a large sphere with the modules attached giving the overall station appearance of a giant space mine.


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