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The Extinction

The Extinction

There is a cataclysm coming to the Milky Way Galaxy four hundred years into the future. Trillions of sentient beings will be wiped out in a single disastrous event; and humanity will be at the center of the disaster. Though our species did not make this event happen, humanity has been left with the burden of knowing we are now alone.  This cataclysm is now referred to the Extinction.

Humanity had never been fully accepted into the Alliance of Worlds.  They only knew that the Alliance wanted them isolated back to their home system and that they had been willing to wage war on humanity to do it. Humanity had been blacked out from direct communications with all Alliance worlds from the moment they had refused to be confined to their home star system. The blackout ended with desperate pleas for help from all directions and distances.  The humans knew about the Direct Radiant Plague and they had quickly found the means to inoculate themselves from it.  But for reasons they would not fully understand their cure did not work on any other race but for themselves.

With a plague that is transmitted through matter and energy, the cure can also be transmitted to the infected in kind.  The Republic of Sol (The government representing all of Humanity at the time of the Extinction) needed to send out a radio broadcast of the cure and inoculation. Humanity tried broadcasting a cure to the Alliance worlds as well, but our cure had no healing power for any species whose DNA didn’t have an Earth origin. It does seem obvious that the Alliance scientists had intended to target Earth origin DNA to wipe out humanity cleanly with no harm to anyone else.

It appears that an early form of their mutation was released before they had fine tuned the targeting.  All sentient beings in the Galaxy were vulnerable. Our scientists were able to create a cure quickly. For all of the other species on all of the Alliance of Worlds planets it was impossible to escape the Direct Radiant Plague which had been engineered to transmit through any form of matter or energy and kill any higher brain functioning animal.

Humanity was left as the sole survivor of a plague that was meant to do the opposite, wipe out the humans and leave the rest of the galaxy alone.


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