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– Twelve Actions of Indoctrination Into The Alliance of Worlds

Beyond Humanity’s home solar system, most of the species capable of interstellar travel belong to the Alliance of Worlds. The Alliance holds fifty-three thousand four hundred twenty-nine distinct member species. Beyond the Alliance there remains thousands of intelligent species who are unaware of the existence of life beyond their home system. The Alliance has safeguards against contact with these Non Allied Species (NAS). When one of these NAS does discover the existence of intelligent life beyond their home solar system, the Alliance has Twelve Actions for Indoctrination. The twelve Actions that an Indoctrination Hearing can impose on a species who has learned about the presence of life beyond their own system for the first time are outlined here. The Action items became stricter as the situation warrants.

  1. Action One: is enforced when a government or specific group within a Non Allied Species discovers Alliance communication. Another trigger of this action is that the main populace remains unaware that life exists beyond their home system.
    a. An Indoctrination Jury is assembled for Action One to conduct a hearing to determine if the communications discovered will be held secret. If so, the Alliance monitors the system for future possible action.
    b. Intervention from the Alliance only comes from invitation of the Non Allied Species (NAS) or is ordered if the few with knowledge of the Alliance uses the knowledge to oppress their people.
  2. Action Two is to carefully welcome the entire populous of a peaceful species that has discovered Alliance communications.
  3. Action Three is used when an Alliance ship either crash lands or inadvertently makes its presence known to a species that was otherwise unaware of life beyond their home world.
    a. Those affected by the discovery are interviewed to find out if they wish to broaden their species’ exposure to the knowledge of life beyond their system. If the members of the species with knowledge of the Alliance think their society is not yet ready, the Alliance monitors the system for future possible action.
    b. Intervention from the Alliance only comes from invitation of the Non Allied Species (NAS) or is ordered if the few with knowledge of the Alliance uses the knowledge to oppress their people.
    c. If the inadvertent contact has made the presence of the Alliance known to all, the Indoctrination Jury recommends full contact with the new NAS.
  4. Action Four is for a species that has sent a drone probe to a neighboring inhabited star system, but communication still has a long period of lag time while the signals traveled at just the speed of light.
    a. Typically the best radio contact between systems has a four to ten-year lag between signals.
    b. The Indoctrination Jury recommends only passive observation.
  5. Action Five: is used when two species make radio contact with no faster communication than the average speed of light.
    a. No hardware is exchanged between species. Physical contact in any form is typically decades from the time of initial contact.
    b. The Indoctrination Jury recommends only passive observation.
  6. Action Six: is used when a species can send a probe to a neighboring system and they have the means to communicate faster than the speed of light with the newly discovered neighbors.
    a. Action Five measures remain in place as long as the two species do not have a means to travel between star systems. Action Six measures become more when:
    b. Faster than light speed communication means discovery of Alliance signals is imminent. Both species are carefully contacted and made fully aware of the Alliance and its role in the galaxy.
  7.  Action Seven: When two Non Allied Species come in contact with each other and there are disastrous effects on one or both societies, the Indoctrination Jury recommends immediate intervention.
  8. Action Eight is for a species that has discovered how to travel to a neighboring star system, which warrants immediate contact to explain the laws of interstellar contact.
  9. Action Nine is for a species that has not only traveled to a neighboring star, but who has gone there with weapons but has not used them. This would necessitate that the new species be contained until they have understood the provisions of traveling though deep space with armaments.
  10. Action Ten is reserved for when the Non Allied Species of one hostile system invades the star system of another non aligned species. This action not only calls for the impounding of the invading star ships, it calls for an Alliance containment and occupation of the species’ home system.
  11. Action Eleven is for the instance where a Non Aligned Species attacks an Alliance star ship.
    a. All NAS weapons are destroyed.
    b. The NAS system is occupied and policed until the species is ready for peaceful coexistence.
  12. Action Twelve is the most severe action when a Non Allied Species invades an Alliance star system.
    a. War is the immediate consequence. The aggressive species is made to surrender.
    b. If the aggression of the species cannot be subdued, the Alliance will take possession of the star system and a severe indoctrination process spanning several generations will be forced upon the aggressive species until the aggression is bred out of the culture.


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