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Mother Is Up For Sale September 27, 2011

Posted by Tom Wells in Introductions, Publications, Tom's Posts.

My novella, Mother, is now up for sale at amazon.com.  Publishing is a fast changing and fractured business these days.  Novellas are hard sales to publishers.  They seem to be too long for traditional anthologies who want long-established writers for this story length, and they are too short to shop as a novel.  So, I wanted to try self publishing this story to see if it gains even a little traction.

For someone reading this post, you are either a returning guest, or you have come here either from another website or from picking Mother to read from the Kindle bookstore.  If you have come here from another website, welcome, and please give Mother a read if you can.

Available at Amazon.com by following the link

If you have come to my blog after purchasing Mother at Amazon, I want to hear from you.  I have questions I’d love to have answers to such as:

  1. Was the story enjoyable?
  2. How did the narrative and dialog flow for you?
  3. Did you come to Wellswriting.com from a link in the kindle?
  4. Did you see that there was a link in the story that opened up my page explaining the technology of signal accelerating buoys?
  5. Has this story peaked your interest in the larger concept of an Encyclopedia of the Future?

For anyone who has read my story and liked it, please go back to Amazon , and rate it if you haven’t done so already.

Also, because you may be here after reading Mother, you will hopefully be happy to learn that Fall of the Faithful is another story you can read here on wellswriting.com.  Together, Fall of the Faithful and Mother make up the first two chapters of a novel I have written called, The Way of the Leaving.  If you read both stories separately, you may be left wondering how those two stories tie together.  If enough people show interest, you will soon be able to find out how.


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