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Preserving Humanity Now Available On Smashwords February 23, 2013

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Preserving Humanity is now available at Smashwords.com  It is offered there for $1.49, but for anyone who reads this blog, please use the coupon code WD29U when purchasing the book and you will get it for free.

I’m waiting now for Smashwords premium category acceptance to then get a ISBN number for the book before taking it to the Kindle market too. Smashwords does offer a kindle version, they are a great site for books.  But Amazon has been a pioneer in the e-book business starting with creating their own device, so having a book up live there is a huge market that can’t be ignored.

So if you have been wondering what happens after Mother, go to Smashwords now and get your free version of Preserving Humanity.



The Cover for my next e-book

The Cover for my next e-book

Comming Very Soon February 20, 2013

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Two years ago I set out to write a story about how people could be sent out to explore the stars and how the ones they left behind on Earth could forget or not know they left.  The working titles for the book were, “Discoveries” and “The Way of the Leaving” and “Leaving Sol.” But that how was a big story.  99.9% of my next book is about the how and only 00.1% is about the leaving.  So I decided a new title was in order and here it is, coming as soon as I can get Smashwords to accept my format and give me an ISBN number for the novel:

The Cover for my next e-book

The Cover for my next e-book

My First Review On Amazon January 16, 2013

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Mother02Since offering my short story, Mother, is available for free on Amazon downloads from kindle are high (at least their high for a new author publishing for myself).  There has been over 150 free purchases in the month of December alone.  Mother is a short story written a couple of years ago and after it was completed, I wrote a follow along novel that incorporates Mother as the second chapter. So I am hoping that people who have read my short story will be interested in the full length novel where the story of what happens next is explored in detail. I could have solicited my friends and family to log onto Amazon and review my story, but I have stayed silent and waited to see if I have caught the attention of people who have probably come across my story by chance and read it out of curiosity.

And now someone has, giving the story a five-star rating and making me feel like it was enjoyed.  Hopefully I’ll get more like this.  I am encouraged as I take one last weekend this week to final edit my follow along novel to Mother and submit it for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Entry for this year opened on January 14th and I hope they have not topped out on their maximum 10,000 entries by the time I finish my edits a few days from now. Maybe the first judges will like my pitch enough to send me on to the next level, maybe the next line of judges will send me into the semi-finals, and getting even that far would be amazing.  Yet even if I do not place at all, I still have my first five-star review and that is a winner for me.


What were you doing in high school? September 12, 2012

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What were you doing in high school? I was on the swim team, learning to navigate the awkward byways of boy vs girl relationships, and occasionally paying attention to my studies.  What I wasn’t doing was starting a story editing enterprise.  There is however a young man who has started such an endeavour.  His name is Jake Johnson and he has amassed an impressive line up of authors for his year-long project to publish a series of themed anthologies which can be found at Smashwords (https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/jakesmonthly). Two of my short stories were in his first anthology compiled around the Science Fiction theme.  He has since collected and published anthologies each month for these other themes:  Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fantasy, Punk, Bizarro, Mystery, Thriller, Alternate History, Magic Realism, and Slipstream.

All in all, it is a very impressive collection this young man has been able to put together.  His last of this year’s anthology collection project will be an anthology featuring novellas.  I was pleasantly surprised recently when he contacted me wanting to know if he could publish my story, Fall of the Faithful. After having been pulled away from my writing for months now, it was good to be remembered and I agreed to be in the anthology if his final edit still has room.  But regardless of whether I do end up in his last anthology, I am still impressed by this young man’s enthusiasm and talent for drawing together all of these works in fiction and producing a high quality collection of stories.  You should go now to check them out.

The Way Of The Leaving April 23, 2012

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My novel length manuscript, The Way Of The Leaving, is here and ready for critiquing.  If you are interested, click on the PDF attachment below.  You can e-mail or message me for a copy in another format such as Kindle or E-pub.

This story starts with two familiar stories as chapters, Fall of the Faithful and Mother and both very different stories to begin with slowly come together.

      The Way of the Leaving

Fall of the Faithful, New Look October 31, 2011

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There is a new look for my story, Fall of the Faithful, available for download from Smashwords.com.  Just like it has been here, the story if offered for free on Smashwords.

Department of Human Preservation Agent Harold Gains had been called out to the crime scene of an apparent suicide jump from a high-rise hotel. Agent Gains had been dispatched to investigate the death of a male suspected to be a member of the secretive cult known as the Faithful.  The subject’s fall from ten stories looked like suicide, but looks can be deceiving as Agent Gains is soon to find out.

It won’t be obvious, but this story and my other offering on Smashwords, Mother, are the first two parts of a larger story called, The Way of the Leaving, which brings together characters from these stories into one larger novel that tells of how we finally invent a means to step out from our solar system into deep space.

Mother Now available at Smashwords.com October 8, 2011

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Do you have an e-reader other than Kindle or no e-reader at all.  Then Smashwords.com is for you.  You can pick up my story, Mother there in the format of your choice.

Jakes Monthly Is Out With Two Stories October 4, 2011

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Link to Jake's Monthly on Smashwords

Jake’s Monthly- Science Fiction Anthology has come out including two of my own stories.  It’s a bargain at just 99¢.  Please thank Jake Johnson for accepting my stories by ordering your copy in the electronic format of your choice.

Mother Is Up For Sale September 27, 2011

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My novella, Mother, is now up for sale at amazon.com.  Publishing is a fast changing and fractured business these days.  Novellas are hard sales to publishers.  They seem to be too long for traditional anthologies who want long-established writers for this story length, and they are too short to shop as a novel.  So, I wanted to try self publishing this story to see if it gains even a little traction.

For someone reading this post, you are either a returning guest, or you have come here either from another website or from picking Mother to read from the Kindle bookstore.  If you have come here from another website, welcome, and please give Mother a read if you can.

Available at Amazon.com by following the link

If you have come to my blog after purchasing Mother at Amazon, I want to hear from you.  I have questions I’d love to have answers to such as:

  1. Was the story enjoyable?
  2. How did the narrative and dialog flow for you?
  3. Did you come to Wellswriting.com from a link in the kindle?
  4. Did you see that there was a link in the story that opened up my page explaining the technology of signal accelerating buoys?
  5. Has this story peaked your interest in the larger concept of an Encyclopedia of the Future?

For anyone who has read my story and liked it, please go back to Amazon , and rate it if you haven’t done so already.

Also, because you may be here after reading Mother, you will hopefully be happy to learn that Fall of the Faithful is another story you can read here on wellswriting.com.  Together, Fall of the Faithful and Mother make up the first two chapters of a novel I have written called, The Way of the Leaving.  If you read both stories separately, you may be left wondering how those two stories tie together.  If enough people show interest, you will soon be able to find out how.

Short Story, Hylo, joins Firstfather at Jakesmonthly September 13, 2011

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Hylo is a story about colonists who are changed by the planet they have come to populate. Will they still be human?  Look for the story to appear in Jakesmonthly Anthology available in e-format soon.