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Fall of the Faithful, New Look October 31, 2011

Posted by Tom Wells in Publications, Tom's Posts.

There is a new look for my story, Fall of the Faithful, available for download from Smashwords.com.  Just like it has been here, the story if offered for free on Smashwords.

Department of Human Preservation Agent Harold Gains had been called out to the crime scene of an apparent suicide jump from a high-rise hotel. Agent Gains had been dispatched to investigate the death of a male suspected to be a member of the secretive cult known as the Faithful.  The subject’s fall from ten stories looked like suicide, but looks can be deceiving as Agent Gains is soon to find out.

It won’t be obvious, but this story and my other offering on Smashwords, Mother, are the first two parts of a larger story called, The Way of the Leaving, which brings together characters from these stories into one larger novel that tells of how we finally invent a means to step out from our solar system into deep space.


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