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Mother Now available at Smashwords.com October 8, 2011

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Do you have an e-reader other than Kindle or no e-reader at all.  Then Smashwords.com is for you.  You can pick up my story, Mother there in the format of your choice.

Jakes Monthly Is Out With Two Stories October 4, 2011

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Link to Jake's Monthly on Smashwords

Jake’s Monthly- Science Fiction Anthology has come out including two of my own stories.  It’s a bargain at just 99¢.  Please thank Jake Johnson for accepting my stories by ordering your copy in the electronic format of your choice.

Mother Is Up For Sale September 27, 2011

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My novella, Mother, is now up for sale at amazon.com.  Publishing is a fast changing and fractured business these days.  Novellas are hard sales to publishers.  They seem to be too long for traditional anthologies who want long-established writers for this story length, and they are too short to shop as a novel.  So, I wanted to try self publishing this story to see if it gains even a little traction.

For someone reading this post, you are either a returning guest, or you have come here either from another website or from picking Mother to read from the Kindle bookstore.  If you have come here from another website, welcome, and please give Mother a read if you can.

Available at Amazon.com by following the link

If you have come to my blog after purchasing Mother at Amazon, I want to hear from you.  I have questions I’d love to have answers to such as:

  1. Was the story enjoyable?
  2. How did the narrative and dialog flow for you?
  3. Did you come to Wellswriting.com from a link in the kindle?
  4. Did you see that there was a link in the story that opened up my page explaining the technology of signal accelerating buoys?
  5. Has this story peaked your interest in the larger concept of an Encyclopedia of the Future?

For anyone who has read my story and liked it, please go back to Amazon , and rate it if you haven’t done so already.

Also, because you may be here after reading Mother, you will hopefully be happy to learn that Fall of the Faithful is another story you can read here on wellswriting.com.  Together, Fall of the Faithful and Mother make up the first two chapters of a novel I have written called, The Way of the Leaving.  If you read both stories separately, you may be left wondering how those two stories tie together.  If enough people show interest, you will soon be able to find out how.

Short Story, Hylo, joins Firstfather at Jakesmonthly September 13, 2011

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Hylo is a story about colonists who are changed by the planet they have come to populate. Will they still be human?  Look for the story to appear in Jakesmonthly Anthology available in e-format soon.

Firstfather Accepted September 9, 2011

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My short story, Firstfather, has been accepted for publication in the inaugural September Science Fiction issue of the Jakesmonthly Anthology.  I will post where and how to buy the anthology when it hits the e-market later this year.

Firstfather is a story about one of the often overlooked dilemmas humankind will face if we manage to extend our short lifetimes indefinitely someday.

Another Honorable Mention Award September 2, 2011

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My third quarter entry in this year’s Writers of the Future Contest has won Honorable Mention.  That makes 3 high finishes in 3 consecutive entries.  I would still like to see one of my stories place higher, but it is good to see a consistency in my rankings with this highly competitive contest.

This quarter my story was called, “Spacewalk,” featuring honeymooners who pursue the very futuristic pastime of spacewalking on an old abandoned battle site adrift in deep space.

The story will now be sent out to the various Science Fiction Markets.

List of 2nd Quarter Winners at WOTF July 19, 2011

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The official list is out now on the Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Silver Honorable Mentions and Honorable mentions.

There were 8 Finalists (that is a set number for this contest), 11 Semi-Finalists, 18 Silver Honorable Mentions (I’m listed there), and 94 Honorable Mentions.  That puts my story, Mother in the top 37 stories for Quarter 2 this year.   Now I hope to have the story published for all to see.

Link to the full list

The 8 finalists are now being  judged by established authors with the top 3 being selected as the winners for this quarter and those stories will be published in the Volume 28 Writers of the Future yearly anthology book.

Mother Sent To The Market July 12, 2011

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I have begun submitting my recent WOTF story, Mother, for publication.

The first place I chose to market my story to is, Darwin’s Evolutions 

This publication has a very straight-forward approach and dialog for their stories and submissions that appeals to me.  Hopefully this story will find a home here.

Writers of the Future Quarter 2, Volume 28 Results July 6, 2011

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I just received the news today that my Quarter 2 entry in the Writers of the Future contest made it to the Silver Honorable Mention level.  Of the 1000 plus entries, the top 10% are selected as Honorable Mention (HM) and the top 5% of the HM stories are deemed Silver Honorable Mention.   “Mother” is a story about a NASA space probe that accidentally achieves artificial intelligence on its way to Alpha Centauri.  The story will now be sent out for consideration at other publications.  My WOTF entry before this one, Fall of the Faithful, gained an Honorable Mention and can be read here on my website.  My next story has already been submitted for the 3rd quarter of this contest and hopefully it will show as well or better than my previous two stories.

Most concurrent submission for my works July 5, 2011

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July 5th:

I have put out the most concurrent story submissions of my writing career.  As of today I have:

  1. Mother: A story about a deep space NASA probe which has gained artificial intelligence; is still in the hunt for recognition in the Writers of the Future contest.  (Update, this story was a Silver Honorable Mention Winner)(Now submitted to Darwin’s Evolution) Still Pending
  2. Firstfather: When humans have achieved immortality, will they still behave like humans? This story was sent to the Temporarily closed Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine, I have now submitted it to Asimov’s in the hope that the latter will accept the story for the personal tale that just happens to have a Sci-Fi setting. Form Rejection for Asimov’s.  Sent to Daily Science Fiction for consideration.
  3. Twilight on Planet Z is my second submission to the Daily Science Fiction website.  It is another Flash story and I believe this one is stronger than my first submission to this market. Form Rejection.  Started a longer version of this story.
  4. Marooned: I wrote this short story before finishing my novel length manuscript called, The Frontier Express.  The novel is really a prequel to this short story, but of course, you don’t need to have read the novel to get the point of my short.  Marooned has been submitted to the Science Fiction Anthology. The Science Fiction Anthology I submitted this to closed to submission as pre-planned on July 31st.  No reply yet but I am assuming they are now going through the submissions they received before their deadline to decide which ones will make their E-Market publication.

I have more stories than this to submit as I research the markets I think the stories will have the warmest reception.  I’m hoping that I get some of the feedback I wrote about below, even if I don’t have acceptances with these submissions .